For the Love of Music: Christmas Edition

(My brother’s Flexible Flyer from the 1960s…Mom recycled it into a Christmas decoration)   Life is busy at the Murphy House: Shopping, wrapping gifts, grading final essays, Christmas concerts, tourtiere baking, the start of wrestling season, the list goes on… I wanted to record one more song this year. The past seven months have been … Continue reading

Ovens Need Not Apply

  One of my favorite holidays is quickly approaching. I love spending time planning the large meal, shopping for ingredients, and getting an early start making dishes the night before. In the past few years, I learned a trick to prepare the main event, the turkey. Do you feel overwhelmed with preparing a 20+ pound … Continue reading

The Watcher at the Gate: Friend or Foe?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ Happy Fall, Readers! Life has been busy here with the back to school activities and an increased teaching load. I finally found a small window this week to write. Every semester, my Freshmen Composition students read “The Watcher at the Gate” by Gail Godwin. Her words address an issue that … Continue reading

“In the arms of an angel…”

The suicide of Robin Williams dredged up some old, painful memories for me. In high school, I worked at the local college Sport’s Complex. I had fun banter with a college art teacher for several years. His name was Burt Fink. He committed suicide when I was in high school. Later, at a friend’s youth … Continue reading

For the Love of Music-Summer Edition

In the midst of this busy summer, I have been learning a new instrument, the McNally Strumstick (or as my eldest, an accomplished guitarist calls it, guitars for dummies). The Strumstick is what I would call a travel or campfire guitar. Only sporting three strings, it is similar to the mountain dulcimer. The sound carries … Continue reading

Photo of the Month: New Arrivals

Photo of the Month: New Arrivals

The newest member of the herd…he is a 1/2 Savanna, 3/8 Kiko, and 1/8 Boer. Living in the country has changed our lives in so many positive ways. We should have done this 15 years ago!

Down on the Farm

  We have added some new farm animals and had some new adventures here at Cairn Hill Farms. In addition to our flock of chickens and Heritage Turkeys, we purchased two goats and two lambs. They are settled in, but not without some challenge. The large goat (named Darryl by the high school building and … Continue reading