Photo of the Month: New Arrivals

Photo of the Month: New Arrivals

The newest member of the herd…he is a 1/2 Savanna, 3/8 Kiko, and 1/8 Boer. Living in the country has changed our lives in so many positive ways. We should have done this 15 years ago!

Down on the Farm

  We have added some new farm animals and had some new adventures here at Cairn Hill Farms. In addition to our flock of chickens and Heritage Turkeys, we purchased two goats and two lambs. They are settled in, but not without some challenge. The large goat (named Darryl by the high school building and … Continue reading

Coconut Oil: The New Windex

  Just like Kosta’s humorous uses for Windex from “My Big, Fat Greek Wedding,” coconut oil has a long list of healthy applications for our daily lives. I decided to see what all the hype was about and try a few suggestions. The kids tease me quite a bit, “Hey Mom, I broke my ankle! … Continue reading

Gettysburg, Ghosts, and Getaways

Despite yesterday’s flurries, I think spring has finally arrived. We had a pleasant long weekend in Gettysburg during spring break. Below is a quick post, highlighting some of our adventures: We stayed at General Lee’s Headquarters and were fortunate enough to have the upstairs room in the actual stone building where Robert E. Lee met … Continue reading

Empty Chairs at the Table

  This weekend has given a glimpse of things to come. One child ventures on his first college visit and another travels on a school trip. While our youngest remains home, I can’t help but think of the limited time remaining before these kids head out and spread their wings…kind of bittersweet for me. I … Continue reading

A Wee Irish Quiz

  In honor of a favorite holiday, St. Patrick’s Day, I wrote a challenge for those who appreciate the “wearin’ of the green.” So fellow readers, test your knowledge of Irish history and culture. Good luck! What Irish plant represents the Trinity used by Christians? St. Patrick was born in Ireland. True or False? Northern … Continue reading

You’re Never Too Old…

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/ I recently read about the National Science Foundation’s basic science quiz and was motivated to create a Language Arts equivalent. Special thanks to the grammar guru for your input and my research subjects (hubby and the kids). It’s just ten questions–give it a try and let me know how you … Continue reading

Kids in the Kitchen

  I was pondering my roller coaster immersion into cooking the other day. Mom and Dad were on the road three-four months per year for work, so the majority of the dishes I learned were experimenting on my own in the kitchen (Chad was usually very patient and understanding). Thankfully, my sister-in-law, Lissa, demonstrated a … Continue reading

Date Night on a Dime

    I LOVE date night! We are foodies, and enjoy trying new restaurants and seasonal specials. However, with three kids, a mortgage, and other expenses, Chad and I have to be careful balancing this in our budget. So here are a few frugal ideas that have helped us continue our tradition of a regular … Continue reading